Age Concern has new man at the helm

John Trainor, the new chief executive of Age Concern
John Trainor, the new chief executive of Age Concern

Age Concern at Eastbourne’s Venton Centre has got a new chief executive.

John Trainor has been appointed as the new chief executive of Age Concern, taking up post at the beginning of May.

He had previously been the director of a crime reduction charity in London for 12 years but has lived in Eastbourne since 1985.

Mr Trainor said, “I enjoyed my time working in London but with the best will in the world it’s difficult to feel part of a community when you are working across 32 boroughs.

“There’s a real difference working for a charity in the community in which I live”

Mr Trainor has worked in the voluntary sector for nearly 20 years and believes that the strength of the sector is the people who work for it, both paid and voluntary.

He told the Herald about the importance of volunteers.

He said, “Volunteers bring a whole range of skills and experience to a charity and they are delivering services that are vital for the independence and wellbeing of older people.

“Whether it’s our befriending service, our day club or information and advice we rely on volunteers to keep the charity going”

Although traditionally associated with older, frailer people Age Concern Eastbourne offers services for everyone aged 50 and over.

John wants to focus on raising awareness of the service it provides for the younger people in that category.

He said, “We will certainly prioritise supporting frailer people helping them to stay independent as long as possible but I believe that in the Venton Centre we have a real resource that can run activities for people in their 50s and 60s.

“I’m delighted to be taking on the role; Age Concern Eastbourne has tremendous support across the town and is well placed to deliver more and better services.”

An video interview with Mr Trainor at the Venton Centre is now available at