£45m homes refurb finished

The final Eastbourne Homes tenant has just been relocated after a £45 million refurbishment programme in the town.

Ex-publican Terry Raeburn was the final tenant to be moved and was given a choice of flats to view and opted for one in Gwent Court.

Terry was the 200th tenant to be moved into modern and fully refurbished retirement and sheltered accommodation.

He said, “I’d heard about this court from other residents and knew it was the one I wanted, eventually a place became available and now I couldn’t be happier.”

The remodelling phase of the decent homes project has so far seen the very old and sub-standard accommodation at Cumbria, Roxburgh and Sutherland Courts totally modernised and refurbished, with Tyrone Court and Winchester House next in line to be completed. Other courts unsuitable for remodelling have been disposed of for the development of new social housing.

Elaine Platt, decant officer at Eastbourne Homes, said, “Terry was the last person to be moved out of Winchester House and had a specific request like many of our customers. One group of people had been together for years and were determined to remain neighbours. I can happily say we fulfilled this request and many others. We always try to meet their needs as much as possible.”The work on individual properties and the retirement courts was made possible when Eastbourne Homes secured £45 million of government funding in 2007.

Bob Granville, director of operations at Eastbourne Homes, said, “I’m delighted with how the remodelling has progressed and how well our customers have settled into their new homes. Elaine has done a terrific job to maintain the close links between people who have been good neighbours for many years.”