Seafront is the spiritual home of Sandy Powell

Sandy Powell SUS-141028-130235001
Sandy Powell SUS-141028-130235001

A house just off Eastbourne seafront is home to the spirit of a former entertainer in the town, according to tour guide Harry Pope.

Harry writes, “Sandy Powell’s spirit is still in Eastbourne. It’s more than 30 years since he passed away, but his house at 11 Elms Avenue still has his presence.

“Mr Powell was a famous entertainer born in 1900, buying the house and becoming known as Mr Eastbourne.

He performed at the Pier Theatre for many years, and some years after his passing Mrs Powell went into a nursing home with the house being sold.

“A couple looked round the house with two gentlemen; one who lived in the house and was also the theatre 
pier manager, the other an old man with a black homburg hat and a black overcoat.

“They thought the house had a good feel to it, ideal to bring up their two daughters in, so purchased it. The husband was a builder, and immediately started converting it from a three storey house with separate rooms to a family home.

“One night they awoke at 3am and turned on the light. The noise that had disturbed them was the handles on the chest of drawers gently moving. But there was no wind. No reason at all.

“During the almost eight years of their ownership, various inexplicable things occurred.

“The wife was replacing some tiling in an upstairs bathroom. The new tile 
flew off the surface straight at her, then fell to the floor, breaking. A box of chocolates very slowly moved across the mantelpiece of its own volition, no reason at all, before falling to the floor.

“Willum the cat stood rigid in the doorway, hairs standing up, as he stared up the stairs. They touched him. He didn’t move. He didn’t react. Inflexible.

“The next door neighbour used to see Mr Powell standing in the windows, waiting for someone to come home.

“She suggested a visit from a priest, but the couple somehow didn’t want to take this course.

“The husband and wife never saw him again, just experienced unexplained occurrences.

“I have spoken with residents of 11 Elms Avenue over the past two years. Sandy Powell is still there.”

Sandy Powell was awarded an MBE and died in June 1982.

He was best known for his radio work of the 1930s and for his catchphrase, “Can You Hear Me, Mother?”.

Harry Pope is a licensed sight-seeing guide. For more information see or 734107.