School days bringing back happy memories

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Stafford County
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THE RECENT photograph of a school in Eastbourne in years gone by prompted Looking Back reader Poppy Bunn to write in with her memories.

The school was Christ Church Junior and the name of the building was Stafford House.

Mrs Bunn, who was known as Poppy Richardson, writes, “Isabelle Kite, who I believe is still alive and the last time I saw her she was a governor at Stafford School, worked there.

“She was a very attractive woman and very popular.

“Mr Kite used to throw the part wooden duster or a bunch of keys at pupils if he thought they were day dreaming.

“We didn’t report him and our parents didn’t sue either. It didn’t do us any harm but taught us to listen and learn.

“All my memories there are happy memories. We had a special free bus starting from the Archery and home again as there were not many cars in those days.”

Poppy remembers people in the photo including in the back row, Michael Ladler, ?, Billy Ogden, Terence Henman, Simon Fisher, Michael Hugget, ?, ? and Philip York; in the middle row, June Fears, Ann Elphick, Cicely Facey, Jane Pitcher, Kathrine ?, Christine Pattenden, Maureen Miller, Audrey Clark and Doreen Hollands and in the front row David Keith, ?, Ian York (Philip’s twin), Josephine Brown, Poppy Richardson, Josephine Hurd, Penelope Gurr, Ann Dudley, Victor Smith and David Chapman.

Poppy writes, “Am I the only pupil who has lived in Eastbourne ever since?

“I haven’t seen any of the above people since leaving school – except my niece Penelope Gurr who has sadly died.”

Reader Joanne Strachan also saw the photograph after her brother-in-law who lives in Eastbourne recognised her and sent the Eastbourne Herald to her home in Surrey.

She writes, “I was delighted to see the photograph of the school taken in the 1940s and I believe it was about 1948 to my reckoning.

“I am sixth from the left on the front row, the little girl in the gymslip and school tie.

“My name then was Josephine Hurd and at the time my best friend was Audrey Clarke, now Ironside.

“I have not heard from her since we left school so I wonder if she is still around would she make contact. It would be nice to catch up with her.”

Mrs Strachan also remembers Poppy Bunn and her late cousin Penelope Gurr.