New faces welcome for EODS’ production

With the set being built and rehearsals taking place several times a week, there is much activity and excitement within EODS as the date for the opening night of ‘Of Mice And Men’ draws closer.

Familiar faces appear in roles, but again the company are delighted to welcome some new faces into the cast of this production.

John Steinbeck wrote the play in 1936, in the middle of a time of mass unemployment such as America and Europe had not experienced before.

Steinbeck wanted to write about the difficulties millions of Americans like himself were facing.

The 1930s brought unemployment and poverty. Much the same can be said for developed countries in our current global economic landscape.

The fall out of the current crisis has yet to be fully appreciated, yet John Steinbeck’s play is as relevant now as it was in its time.

Cathryn Parker directs this timely, emotive and challenging piece of theatre which tackles strong issues of the nature of dreams, loneliness, friendship, language and racism.

It provides a powerful theatrical experience and will be of interest to all especially GCSE English or Theatre Studies classes who are studying “ Of Mice And Man” as a set text.

The production will be staged at The Birley Centre, Carlisle Road, Eastbourne, from Thursday, February 21-Saturday, February 23, at 7.30pm, as well as a matinee at 2.30pm on the Saturday.

Tickets are on sale at £12 with concessions at £10. Telephone 07840473818 or email