Looking Back: Birds Eye – the biggest employer in Eastbourne


This week’s Looking Back special feature is dedicated to staff who worked at the Birds Eye Factory in Eastbourne, which is where Tesco Lottbridge Drove is now situated.

The material has been sent in by Nigel Skellett, who lives in Lincoln and whose parents worked at Birds Eye.

Nigel read of an appeal for information in the Herald last year by Tracy Davies about her father Gordon Clark, who worked at the factory.

Nigel very kindly sent a large envelope down for Tracy with photos of her father but the Herald has been unable to find her.

We hope Looking Back readers can help trace her and we can send the material on to her. Call 414482 during office hours.

Included in the material is a book on Birds Eye, which was Eastbourne’s largest employer.

The plant was capable of producing more than 17 million Arctic Rolls, 19 million dairy cream sponges, nine million chocolate eclairs, two million dairy cream doughnuts and a million Arctic Logs every year not to mention pastry products, catering sweets, tub deserts and whipped cream.

We will carry more material from the book in next week’s Looking Back.