Gallery exhibition for Buckle Artisans duo

Exhibition by Buckle Artisans at Coach House Gallery in Alfriston
Exhibition by Buckle Artisans at Coach House Gallery in Alfriston

The Buckle Artisans are holding an exhibition of their work at The Coach House Gallery, High Street, Alfriston, from July 3-14 (10am-5pm, free entry).

David Taylor’s work – Insignificant Shadows - shows local corners of neglect with nature reclaiming the land; his paintings represent quick glances not symmetrical compositions where everything is perfect.

In previous exhibitions David has used cubism and surrealism to express people and their behaviour. With this collection he wants the viewer to be aware we only see what we know, because the more you look the more knowledge you acquire.

His artistic applications cover a wide field which includes conservation, exhibitions, cartoons, restoration of figureheads and church coats of arms. He has previously exhibited at various galleries in London and Sussex.

David Lane has a passion for photography. As a teenager he developed and printed all his own photographs always striving to improve his photographer’s eye.

Now working in digital, he relishes the technical aspects, the whole process of converting a scene through to the final image.

His work is split in three categories - Landscapes, Steam Engines and Portraits.

His grand vistas, so absorbing, evoke a sensitivity to enlightenment, helping to capture the iconic image and sometimes revisiting again and again.

Steam Trains bring back distant memories of childhood; they are also the image of raw power, a living breathing steam engine thundering past.

His portraits highlight the intimate interaction between the subject and the camera, capturing fleeting moments with the slightest head movement, or an all-too-brief smile which brings the image alive.

For more information call the gallery on 01323871402