Eastbourne Vegetarian Group - stall proves a great success

EASTBOURNE Vegetarian Group ran a stall in South Street in September for National Vegetarian Month.

It was quite amusing, tinged with pathos, to see a butcher delivering meat to outlets in South Street, being enticed towards the stall by volunteer ladies, then being almost force-fed (like foie-gras?) with some vegan food. He declared they were all delicious and stated that he was regrettably only doing his job and that people would be horrified if they saw inside an abattoir.

Dozens of people were intrigued by the array of leaflets and magazines but particularly curious to try the various vegetarian nibbles freely available. The sausages; 'chicken' pieces; non-dairy chocolate and ice cream together with a number of home-made dishes such as polenta; puy lentils; savoury rice; falafels and cous cous received general approval.

Altogether 220 was raised for Viva! and Animal Aid but the main aim was to encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle free from saturated animal fat as well as the cruelty involved. Also by changing to a vegetarian diet this reduces our CO2 foot print on the planet and indirectly assists people in the developing world.

Virtually everyone who came talked about changing their diet and reducing if not giving up meat and meat products for health reasons.

Thanks to everyone including our stalwart volunteers, suppliers who kindly donated samples and information, together with local shop keepers and neighbours who were so friendly and co-operative. We hope to be back again next year.

Eastbourne local contacts: Eastbourne Veggie Group inquiries and copy of current programme check with Helen Elliott 01323 645533 elenpelliott40@hotmail.com .Vegan contact/events: Evie Sier 01323 723855 eviesier@o2.co.uk . Viva! contact Bill Palethorpe 01323 411707 hobdell@fastmail.fm. Bill is also the area speaker/cookery demonstrator for Viva! – Animal Aid – Vegan & Vegetarian Societies.