Barn dance on stage

Rik Townend at Under Ground Theatre
Rik Townend at Under Ground Theatre
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Another first will be chalked up at the Eastbourne Under Ground Theatre – when the regular Saturday morning (10am-noon) music entertainment on February 23 will include a barn dance on stage!

The star of the show will be bluegrass multi-instrumentalist Rick Townend, who prides himself on having started the UK’s first school bluegrass band The Echo Mountain Boys in 1962.

He is a master of the banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, steel guitar and autoharp, and has played with many bands – including Sussex-based Grassroots and the tribute band, The Kent Carters.

The show at the Under Ground will include a selection of the music of the US southern states over the years: songs of love, life, death, war and the daily struggle to survive, as well as comic and political songs, songs of whisky, prisons and railroads, the blues, and more.